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Conference Materials

Tips & Tricks
1.1AshrafHabibullahTechnology and The Built Environment!--
1.2ScottBeazleyForensic BIM: Model Checking and Validation for QuantificationGeneral (multi-discipline), Estimation---
1.2BrianMackeyCreating Intelligent Details and Detial ItemsArchitecture, Structure, MEP-
1.2ChrisNeedhamCase Study: BIM for Asset Owners and OperatorsOperations and Maintenance , BIM---
1.2BenPielhopEnhanced 3D Views for MEPMEP, Visualization-
1.2StevenShellTop 10 Revit Presentation Techniques (Advanced Graphics)Visualization, Architecture-
1.2StephenTaskinLAB: Generative Design with DynamoCoding, Content and Customization, BIM, Visualization--
1.2AaronVorwerkScottDavisSweetening the (Building Design) Suite: What's New in 2017!General (multi-discipline), BIM, Construction and Fabrication-
1.3MatthewAnderleChrisWilliams20 Practical Uses of Dynamo for Revit to Improve Team EfficiencyBIM, General (multi-discipline), Coding, Content and Customization
1.3LauraKeyserDeveleoping and Distributing Revit Training MaterialsGeneral (multi-discipline), Business Strategy and Leadership, BIM-
1.3JimMarcheseRobertMannaWTF Would You Model That For?BIM, Architecture, General (multi-discipline)---
1.3KyleMartinChristinaTullyComputational Design for the 99%Coding, Content and Customization, Architecture, BIM--
1.3MichaelMasseyUsing th "I" in BIM for Electrical Cable and Raceway DesignMEP, Construction & Fabrication--
1.3BruceMcCallumEsmailKalafCenter of Gravity: The Interoperable WorkflowBIM, Architecture, Business Strategy and Leadership--
1.3BrianRussellInteractive and Immersive VisualizationVisualization, Architecture-
1.3StevenShellLAB: Top 10 Revit Presentation Techniques (Advanced Graphics)Architecture, All Levels
1.4MelonieBeskowineyTransitioning Your Landscape Team from AutoCAD to RevitBIM, Civil, General (multi-discipline)-
1.4JamesBishFlat Roof? Revit K-Series Bar Joist-Rod Web Selection ExtensionCoding, Content and Customization, Structure, BIM-
1.4HeidiBoutwellJasonBoehningConstruction U - An Industry BIM CollaborationBIM, Structure, Civil
1.4JasonKunkelLAB: Maintaining Revit Model Standards with Autodesk Model Checker for Revit and ConfiguratorGeneral (multi-discipline), BIM-
1.4ErinMorrowPutting (Virtual) People First in DesgnsSimulation and Analysis, Operation and Maintenance, Visualization--
1.4DavidRushforthAutomate your Revit Workflows: Let the API Dp the WorkCoding, Content and Customization--
1.4TimWaldockPower to the People - Global Parameters New Feature in Revit 2017General (multi-discipline), Architecture, Structure
1.5ScottDavisAaronVorwerkChanging Construction Document…ForeverArchitecture, Intermediate-
1.5MikeEngelIntegration - Design Sketches and Revit as Partners in ProcessArchitecture, BIM--
1.5MichaelKilkellyCode vs. Node: The Ultimate Revit Automation SmackdownCoding, Content and Customization, General (multi-discipline), BIM
1.5DonRasmussonFabrication in Revit from a Contractors PerspectiveArchitecture, Structure---
1.5JimmyRotellaHow a Large A/E Firm Leverages an Entirely Virtual Desktop InfrastructreGeneral (multi-discipline)---
1.5MarcelloSgambelluriSuper Cutting Edge Technologies for the Structural WorkflowStructure
1.5RichardTaylorLAB: Excel 201=Beyond the (SUM)General (multi-discipline), Estimation, Coding, Content and Customization--
1.5AubreyTuckerKimGlauberCase Study: Parametric Modeling to Spherical Rendering for Google CardboardVisualization, Architecture, BIM--
2.2PaulAubinLAB: Global Parameters, Global Control!Architecture, General (multi-discipline), BIM-
2.2GregDemchakFrom Revit to 4D Construction Schedule in 60 MinutesConstruction and Fabrication, Visualization-
2.2NorbHowellReal Graphic Column Schedules with RevitStructure, Coding, Content and Customization
2.2MarkSchmiedingDon't Fire or Retire Them…Inspire Them! Getting Resistant Users to Enjoy Revit!Business Strategy and Leadership, General (multi-discipline), BIM-
2.2RalphSchochThe Future of MEP Families in RevitMEP , Construction & Fabrication, Coding, Content and Customization-
2.2PremnathSundharamAn Integrated Approach to Building Design: Early Collaboration, Goal Setting & Performance AnalysisSimulation and Analysis, General (multi-discipline)-
2.2TroyThurlwellDon't Be Walled in by System FamiliesArchitecture, BIM-
2.3JasonBoehningMore Parametric Mechanical DesignsMEP, Coding, Content and Customization
2.3JacobD'AlboraUsing Realtime VR to Streamline Client SignoffVisualization, Architecture, BIM-
2.3MarcusFichManufacturers' BIM Strategy 101: Meeting Your Customers' BIM RequirementsBusiness Strategy and Leadership, BIM, Coding, Content and Customization--
2.3TimGrimmEssential Revit Add-onsCoding, Content and Customization,General (multi-discipline),BIM---
2.3TimonHazellCanopy Designs with BIM: A Case StudyStructure, BIM, Simulation and Analysis--
2.3MattHemming5D & 4D BIM - Quality vs QuantityGeneral (multi-discipline), BIM--
2.3MarkMcKinleyMarkPhilipBIM Lifecycle - Facility Management PerspectiveBIM, General (multi-discipline), Operation and Maintenance--
2.3 & 2.4TomVollaroJoshGoldsteinLAB: FormIt 360: The Heart of a Generative Conceptual Design Workflow (Part A & B)Architecture, Visualization, Simulation and Analysis
2.4ScottBrownDarickBrokawArchitectural Jazz: The Psychology of Project CollaborationGeneral (multi-discipline), Business Strategy and Leadership-
2.4MatthewEmondModel Like We Build: Integrated Project Modeling at Autodesk's Boston OfficeBIM, Business Strategy and Leadership, Construction and Fabrication-
2.4Brian MackeyHandrail Hacks
2.4GarretMeierbachtolAutomating the Mundane - Dynamo for Model ManagementCoding, Content and Customization, General (multi-discipline), Operation and Maintenance
2.4MarkPhilipSystems-Orientated BIM - A Potential Game-Changer in Facilities ManagementOperations and Maintenance , BIM, General (multi-discipline)--
2.4DanielStineProfessional Lighting Design in Revit using ElumtoolsMEP, Architecture, Simulation and Analysis--
2.4RobertYoriIs 'Quick and Dirty' Really so Bad?Business Strategy and Leadership, BIM---
2.5TomDornerGood Golly Miss DollyBIM, General (multi-discipline)--
2.5EsmailKalafTimLazarukBridging the BIM Gap: The Importance of Sharing Leadership Across Technology & Production TeamsBusiness Strategy and Leadership, Architecture, BIM--
2.5NatashaLuthraRevit for RetailBIM, General (multi-discipline), Business Strategy and Leadership---
2.5KateMorricalModeling Existing Structures in Revit StructureStructure, Business Strategy and Leadership, BIM-
2.5JefferyPinheiroHow Are Contractors Using My Model?General (multi-discipline), Construction & Fabrication, Estimation--
2.5BrianRingleyLAB: Performance-Driven Design Using DynamoArchitecture--
2.5AndrewSchraderIn Your Face Clash Coordination in RevitMEP, BIM-
3.1JasonBoehningMore Parametric Electrical DesignsCoding, Content and Customization, Expert
3.1PhilipChanRailing, Railing, RailingArchitecture, General (multi-discipline), BIM-
3.1ScottChattertonIn The Face of Challenge: Innovative Project Delivery StrategiesBusiness Strategy and Leadership, Architecture, General (multi-discipline)-
3.1MichaelKilkellyAutomate the Boring Stuff with Revit MacrosGeneral (multi-discipline), BIM, Intermediate-
3.1DatLienXavierLoayzaPhotogrammetry for Site and Exterior/Interior ArchitectureCivil, Architecture, Construction and Fabrication--
3.1ThomasMendezRevit Structure: What is the Best Modeling Strategy for Concrete Link BeamsStructure, Architecture, BIM-
3.1AubreyTuckerLAB: Super Schedules, cost estimation and managing the team work within Revit via Team ScheduleArchitecture-
3.1ChristopherWinklerCarolynBrownCase Study: Increasing Productivity, Workflow and Collaboration on Multiple Large-Scale ProjectsArchitecture, General (multi-discipline), BIM-
3.2MatthewClausRevit Interiors: 0 to 100% in 365 DaysArchitecture, General (multi-discipline), Visualization-
3.2BillDebevcNickKramerAutodesk Deployments PDQGeneral (multi-discipline), BIM---
3.2BrianMackeyCompare and Contrast Visualization Programs: Aitpdesl Sjpwcase. Emsca[e & Autodesk ExpoGeneral (multi-discipline), BIM, All Levels---
3.2BruceMcCallumEsmailKalafA Single Source of Truth: Bringing a Large-Scale Project Together in The CloudArchitecture, Business Strategy and Leadership, Advanced--
3.2RalphSchochRouting Pipe over the CurveConstruction and Fabrication, All Levels
3.2DanielStineEnergy Simulation with Revit and Autodesk Insight 360Architecture, MEP--
3.2CarlStormsLAB: Dynamo - Everyone's Doing ItBIM, General (multi-discipline), Coding, Content and Customization
3.2ShawnZirbesYour Revit Project Private Eye, Data Mining with Microsoft Power BICoding, Content and Customization, BIM, General (multi-discipline)--
3.3PaulAubinThe Architect's Dynamo: Getting Non-Revit Users Involved!Architecture, BIM-
3.3ScottFanelloMaster Models: Achieving Multi-Discipline ConsistencyMEP, BIM--
3.3AaronMallerThe Parallax Door Library and Content Standards Migration
3.3RaulPachecoSuccessful Workflow for High-Rise BuildingsStructure, BIM--
3.3TimWaldockMaking Component Stairs Work for YouStructure, Advanced
3.3ChipWeathermanLAB: Quickly Find, Add, or Replace Content in Your Visualizations with the 3ds Max Asset LibraryVisualization---
3.3LandonWilsonChrisWaightRevit - 4D Simulations Without Interrupting Project DeliveryVisualization, Structure, Simulation and Analysis-
3.3PhyllisZhouDon't Leave Landscape Architects Behind - BIM Workflow for Site DesignArchitecture, BIM-
3.4StephenFaustSupporting Multiple Revit Versions While Retaining Your SanityCoding, Content and Customization, General (multi-discipline), BIM
3.4AaronMallerAchieving Coordination Results (Not "Zero Clashes"!) with Navisworks, Synchro, or Revizto (and Revit!)General (multi-discipline), Architecture, Construction and Fabrication---
3.4JamesMooreHealth Check for Your Revit Project ModelsBIM, General (multi-discipline), Coding, Content and Customization
3.4VeronicaQuinteroLost in Space (Types): Revit in Architectural ProgrammingArchitecture, BIM-
3.4DavidSpeharIf Only I Knew How to Develop a BIM Training Program for Project ManagersBIM, Business Strategy and Leadership--
3.4CarlStorms25 Apps & Add-ins for Revit and the Revit Workflow - RTCNA 2016 EditionBIM-
3.4ChrisWilliamsMatthewAnderleExpanding Functionality of MEP Spaces with Dynamo for Revit, Across Multiple ModelsMEP, Coding, Content and Customization, BIM